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We are H&U Medical Information, LLC.

Using the latest IT tools of today
With the latest IT tools of today, we hope that everyone can obtain medical information from all over the world and
In addition, we are trying to solve the question “What should I do after all? In order to solve
We started the company with two members.

We want to stand between health and medicine.

We want to stand between health and medicine,
which is different from “pre-disease” and “healthy age.

We believe in “being healthy.
It is not just a question of being sick or not.

We believe that to be healthy is not just to be sick or not to be sick,
but to know ourselves and to live our lives with our own conviction.

“I believe that it is the time to be happy.

No matter what choice you make.

To do this, we need to
Don’t be swayed by the overwhelming amount of health information

“Correct knowledge.

“Accurate recognition of test results.

A new look at yourself beyond that
We will search for such possibilities.

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