Thank you for visiting our website.

We are H&U Medical Information, LLC,
and our mission is to provide medical information from all over the world to everyone using the latest IT tools.

We aim to provide a solution to the question “What should I do after all?”

We started the company with only two members,
but our goal is to stand between health and medicine, which is different from “pre-disease” and “healthy age.”

We believe in the concept of being healthy, which is not just about being sick or not.

To us, being healthy means knowing ourselves and living our lives with conviction.

We believe that it is a time to be happy, no matter what choices we make.

To achieve this,
we need to have the correct knowledge and accurately recognize test results
without being swayed by the overwhelming amount of health information available.

We also need to have a new perspective on ourselves and our health.

We will search for such possibilities and strive to make them a reality.